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People often ask, "Does this work?" and the short answer is YES! Just take a look at Audrey and her transformation made at Ron Lyons studio. She has completely changed her life for the better and you can too. Audrey is still a member at Ultimate Body and would be more than happy to talk to you about her succes. I consider her a friend and a wonderful example of what a person can do with a program like this.

It's your turn!

I know exactly what it feels like to be overweight, out of breath, tired all the time and usually depressed. I know this because most of my life I was overweight and miserable. That all changed back in '96 when I was working as a Frisco Police Officer while trying to arrest a suspect on a DWI case. Long story short, he fought back, I was so out of shape that I couldn't call for help and that was it for me.
At the time of my life changing event, I was somewhere above 244 pounds and in a very tight size 40 pants and all XL and XXL shirts. Once I decided it was time to change, I got myself down to 185, size 32 pants and Medium shirts. My whole weight loss transformation took place in about 4 months. After going through my transformation, I realized that I had undone a lifetime of damage to my body in just months. The desire to help others do the same became my focus and I quickly became a "personal trainer" and starting refining what would eventually become the "Ron Lyons Body Transformation" program.
These days, I have two studios where me and the best Frisco personal trainers and the best Plano personal trainers administer the UB Transformation Program. When you join, you get the full 20 week program which consists of a very unique combination of weight training, cardio training and most importantly, nutritional supervision. All of this is tied together with a ton of accountability and in the end you  can lose weight and feel great! The program is very affordable and although there are many copy-cat programs all over the place now, there are none like the original.
If you are like I was, overweight, unhealthy, tired all the time and usually depressed about it all, then here's the program that you need. Take a look around the site and look at some of the testimonials,see what kind of specials we are offering right now, but most importantly, make the call. You know as well as I do that if you are reading this page, you need this! Not only that, but in your heart, I believe you want this. So, add up 20 weeks from today and just imagine ahead to that final, successful day!  I put my cell phone on the website because I know what you may be feeling and I am ready to help you get to a much better place ASAP. So, call me or text me. I don't care if its 2 am, it's just that important. 214-783-5440. Also, if you want to get a REAL feel for whats going on at Ultimate Body Studios and your are on Facebook, then 'like" our Facebook Page and just read it. It's real people talking about their "every day UB experience.' Here's the link:
Ron Lyons is a frisco personal trainer who is also a plano personal trainer. Ultimate Body is nothing like crossfit or cross fit because is is more fundamental fitness oriented. If you want to stay young or stayoung, you should zoom over within 24 hour and avoid the curves of a lifetime.
Or how about Natalie from Frisco. Look at her weight loss in 20 weeks. It's safe to say that she has completely changed her life and is an inspiration to so many others now. What about you? Wouldn't you like to be like Natalie? Congratulations Nat! Excellent job!!!

You can read Natalie's own words HERE.

Ron Lyons Program is great for men too. Look at what Patrick did in his 20 week program. Pat went from that typical, out of shape, overweight guy to very fit, very in shape man that all the other guys want to look like. Take a look at Pat's before picture. Remind you of you? Now look at his after photo and see what you CAN be!

Excellent job Pat! You are an inspiration to many and I am very proud of your accomplishments.

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* Note that this is a 20 week program.
  • Includes Weight Training, Cardio & Abs and very focused Nutritional Program
  • Train with our Frisco & Plano Personal Trainers  6 days per week for 20 weeks
  • We have over 15 years of experience rebuilding bodies just like yours
  • Countless weight loss success stories each month
  • Weight Loss Specialists & Nutritionists
  • Tons of accountability

Fitness Specialist Ron Lyons
You've seen Ron on FOX4, KXAS NBC5 & KUVN 33 as well as the Dallas Morning News, Muscle & Fitness
Magazine as well as on the radio! Now you can train in the weight loss system that everyone is talking about!
† Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and therefore every applicant to the program is subject to a thorough medical questionaire and may require prior medical approval before participation is allowed. There is no magic pill or quick, easy way to do this. What Ron Lyons program offers is hard work, a clean diet and support and the required time to make it all happen. In other words, we do it the right way.
Ron Lyons is a frisco personal trainer as well as a plano personal trainer and weight loss expert. He is a weight loss success story with a passion for personal training and providing weight loss for his many Frisco and Plano personal training and weight loss clients.
We believe that there is no other experience available like that which you will find at Ultimate Body Studios. We are weight loss specialists and are very experienced in this field. Our program fits YOU, the person who eats, works and lives in the Frisco and Plano area. We have a 90 plus percent absolute success rate by combining specific cardio weights and nutrition along with tons of accountability!
Joel joined the program and changed erverything including his health, his self image and essentially, his life. Congratulations Joel on a job well done. You have been an inspiration my friend, not only to your team, but to me and your trainers as well.

Enjoy your new life!